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Meteora (2003)

by Linkin Park

Linkin Park: Meteora tracklist

Album information:

Album type:  Studio album
Published:  25. of March, 2003
Labels:  Warner Bros.

Meteora song list:

Song list:

01 Foreword 00:17
02 Don't Stay 03:07
03 Somewhere I Belong 03:33
04 Lying from You 02:55
05 Hit the Floor 02:44
06 Easier to Run 03:24
07 Faint 02:42
08 Figure.09 03:17
09 Breaking the Habit 03:16
10 From the Inside 02:53
11 Nobody's Listening 02:58
12 Session 02:23
13 Numb 03:05
  Album length:  36:34

Meteora album review:

Album review:

  • Overall impression:

    Linkin Park set the standards extremely high for themselves with their debut album "Hybrid Theory". Meteora is not as exceptional as its predecessor was, but it is definitely a fine album anyway. The album sort of continues where "Hybrid Theory" left. Chester Bennington's voice is even more powerful than before, and the rap parts and DJ tricks like scratching still don't bring any additional value to the songs.

  • The best tracks:

    "Easier to Run" has a really interesting and intriguing chord sequence in its chorus. The chorus is sad and happy at the same time, so it has quite schizophrenic feeling. Another favorite track on the album to me is "From the Inside" with its beautiful dialog between the soft verse and heavy and aggressive chorus.

  • The worst tracks:

    I think "Nobody's Listening" should be as its name suggests: nobody should be listening this track. Nothing would have been missed if this track would have been dropped from the album.

  • The best lyrics:

    The best line of lyrics is "Retrace every wrong move that I made I would" from the track "Easier to Run". Although I am not a Star Wars fan, it has a sort of Yoda feeling in order of words.