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The 2nd Law (2012)

by Muse

Muse: The 2nd Law tracklist

Album information:

Album type:  Seasonal album
Published:  28. of September, 2012
Labels:  Warner Bros. | Helium 3

The 2nd Law song list:

Song list:

01 Supremacy 04:55
02 Madness 04:39
03 Panic Station 03:03
04 Prelude 00:57
05 Survival 04:17
06 Follow Me 03:51
07 Animals 04:23
08 Explorers 05:48
09 Big Freeze 04:41
10 Save Me 05:09
11 Liquid State 03:03
12 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 03:47
13 The 2nd Law: Isolated System 04:59
  Album length:  53:32

The 2nd Law album review:

Album review:

  • Overall impression:

    Muse is one of those bands I think I like, but still I really seldom listen to. Actually, The 2nd Law is the first Muse album I have listened many times. I think that Muse is really good album, containing some almost ingenious tracks. But, unfortunately, as it is typical for Muse, the album contains also many really, really weird tracks, which are just annoying. For example the tracks like Madness and Panic Station just piss me off, they are just completely ridiculous and stupid pieces of music. Without those two, the album would be miraculously good. Now it is "just" very good. And I am afraid that Muse will contains those idiot tracks in the future albums as well.

  • The best tracks:

    The track "Animals" is just brilliant and amazing and the first time I heard it I was speechless for a long time. The guitar parts of the track are out of this world. The track is a masterpiece, especially when its quintuple time signature is taken into account. Just spectacular. "Supremacy" is another favorite track for me and it would have made and excellent James Bond movie theme. The closing track "The 2nd Law: Isolated System" is also a great piece of art.

  • The worst tracks:

    As already stated, I just hate the tracks "Madness" and "Panic Station". These kinds of songs just cause me headaches and make me shaking my head in disbelief: "Why, oh why?".

  • The best lyrics:

    I usually don't like lyrics that criticize the system and society since they usually are hypocritical, and "The 2nd Law" is not an exception. Therefore, I don't like the lyrics of the album at all. But, if I put my dislike aside, the best line of lyrics is "When darkness falls, and surrounds you, when you fall down, when you're scared, and you're lost, be brave" from the track "Follow Me". The lyrics of this track are not as annoying as the others' and could actually remind my about the lyrics of Coldplay.